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“Shimon Peres ― A Dreamer, Doer and a Visionary Leader who Achieved Israel’s Peace and Prosperity” ―Professor M.S.Rao

''Good leadership today is to serve not to rule. People say that the future belongs to the young but I believe that as a youth leader you should always remember that it is actually the present which belongs to you. You have the power to shape the world we live into a better, more secure, more prosperous place for us all.'' ― Shimon Peres

One of the living visionary leaders I admire the most is Shimon Peres. He is an author, statesman, and a great dreamer.  He was the ninth President of Israel from 2007 to 2014. He won the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize together with Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat for the peace talks that he participated in as Israeli Foreign Minister, producing the Oslo Accords.

Shimon Peres is a great dreamer and doer. He is an inspiration to the world.  There are a number of leadership lessons we can learn from him. Here are some of them.  

Dream Big. People are often scared of dreaming big because bigger the dreams bigger the expectations from all the stakeholders.  But the fact is that to dream low is a crime. Since you dream always, why don’t you dream big to achieve big in your life. Shimon Peres is a great dreamer. He once remarked, “I was a great dreamer. But today, when people ask me, what’s your greatest mistake, I say my dream was too small. I recommend to young people whose world it is today – dream big, don’t hesitate. The greater your dreams, the more you can achieve.”
Be an Optimist. Shimon Peres is an optimist. He has the ability to see the silver lining on the dark cloud. When the entire world believed that there was no future for Israel, he proved them wrong by leading from the front to take Israel to the present position. He rightly remarked, “Optimists and pessimists die the same way. They just live differently. I prefer to live as an optimist.”
Believe in Human Resources. Israel is not blessed with natural resources. It has lots of challenges including enemies around. But Shimon Peres persevered and persuaded others to create peace to take Israel to great heights globally. He believed more in human resources and talent. He channeled them to build Israel as a great country in the world. He said, “When you have nothing, you discover. You have something that is called a human being.” He adds, “History is the story of people who have blessed the land – not land that has blessed people. At a very early age, I learnt that you have to cultivate the human being.”
Keep Things Confidential. Shimon Peres is noted for attending several secret meetings. He is a highly confidential person. He keeps cards close to his chest. It is tough for his enemies to predict his movements. At times he befriends with his enemies. He believes in the philosophy of ‘there are no permanent friends and permanent enemies in the world’ to achieve the final objective of global peace and prosperity.

Learn these leadership lessons and customize them as per your requirements to grow as a great global leader.

“You are as great as the cause you serve, and as young as your dreams.” ― Shimon Peres

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