Tuesday, 27 October 2015

“Attacks on Authors, Intellectuals, Scholars and Professors in India?” ―Professor M.S.Rao

“Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Why should a few section of people in India attack authors, intellectuals, scholars and professors when the latter voice their views on print media and social media? Do they not have right to voice their views? Are we getting intolerant with others’ ideas and insights? Are we living in a civilized society? Are we living in a democracy country?

It is unfortunate that politicians and the goons engaged by them attack authors, intellectuals, scholars and professors with inks to catch the attention of people in India. But they hardly realize that their acts put India on the global map for negative reasons. What the world will think about India when such attacks are made? The world will think that there is a growing intolerance in India. They think that democracy exists only in constitution, not in reality.  They will laugh at Indians and India for such things.  Any individual or institution or nation must be on the news for the right reasons, not for the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, India is on the global map for wrong reasons repeatedly.

Is it the same land where Mahatma Gandhi was born who fought for India’s freedom on the principles of truth and non-violence? The world will doubt our democratic credentials and our intentions when authors, intellectuals, scholars and professors are attacked. If that is their condition, what would be the fate of common men and women who suffer the most? Most of the crimes against them go unnoticed.

It is time for us to change our mindset. We must have tolerance to the views of others. We must disagree with them politely, peacefully and democratically.

Let us build an India which is democratically strong standing on the four pillars of legislature, executive, judiciary, and press. Let us demonstrate to the world that India is a peace loving country, and it stands on the Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of truth and non-violence. Let us celebrate diversity which is the strength of India. Without religious tolerance and respect to all communities, India cannot grow as a dignified nation and as a strong nation. Let us all strive hard to inculcate right attitude in Indian citizens to respect all the citizens to take our country forward.

Here is my message to the brothers and sisters of India. Love your mother but don’t hate another persons’ mother. As your mother is precious to you, another person’s person is equally precious them. As your community is close to your heart, another person’s community is close to their hearts. When you think in these lines, you develop tolerance and respect the views and opinions of others and present yourself positively. Let us strive to build country which is tolerant and democratic with an emphasis on respect to all communities.  Jai Hind!

“I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world tolerance and universal acceptance.” ― Swami Vivekananda

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