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“Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) must Intervene to Check Corruption and Irregularities in Private Medical, Pharmacy and Engineering Colleges in the Telangana State” ―Professor M.S.Rao

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Presently the scenario in the private pharmacy, medical and engineering colleges in the Telangana State is terrible. There is no quality of education imparted to the students and the educators are not treated with dignity and honor. The educators who question the system are removed arbitrarily. Faculty doesn’t receive salaries on time. Worse, they don’t get salary when they leave these private colleges.  The owners of these private colleges file wrong cases against leaving faculty to avoid paying salaries. Some of the senior professors and principals are retained by force in services without paying their salaries as the new professors and principals are unwilling to join these rogue colleges. The serving principals and professors are caught between the devil and the deep sea. They have their family obligations and commitments and are concerned about the goon power of the owners of these colleges.  Since they are intellectuals they cannot stoop low like the owners of these private colleges. These notorious owners are noted for using local goons to settle the scores and crush the opposition and rebellion at any cost. They have nexus with top politicians as they fund political parities regularly. They have money power and muscle power but lack in moral power.

Usually the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), India’s federal investigative agency enters to check corruption and irregularities in the Central Government. It doesn’t enter into State Government without the latter’s permission. In rare cases, CBI can enter to check corruption and irregularities in private pharmacy, medical and engineering colleges. Presently there is a lot of corruption and irregularities in the private colleges in the Telangana State. The TRS government conducted special task forces to check corruption and irregularities in these private colleges.  These unscrupulous colleges are notorious for hiring the faculty before the inspections to meet the requirements of their affiliated universalities and AICTE and firing the faculty after the inspections. These colleges adopt the philosophy of ‘use and throw’ of faculty which must end immediately.

Since there are many irregularities and complaints, CBI must enter to check the corruption and irregularities in these private colleges. It helps ensure transparent system where students get good education as per the standards; and the faculty and non-teaching employees get their salaries on time. It can also check cheating by these private colleges who avoid paying salaries to faculty when the latter leave their colleges. It eliminates arbitrary removal of faculty from services without addressing the grievances. Presently some private colleges in Telangana State don’t pay summer salaries to their faculty. These colleges cheat faculty by not paying salaries for many months. If faculty complains to their affiliated universities and regulating bodies, their lives are under threat as the owners of these private colleges have close connections with local goons and mafia. They also have nexus with top politicians. They fund all political parties during elections. Hence, faculty finds it very tough to work in unhealthy academic ambience. Since educators are intellectuals, they cannot stoop low like the owners of these private colleges who behave like goons with the faculty in the college campuses. Hence, there is an urgent need for CBI to enter into such private colleges to address the grievances of faculty and students. Remember, the day corruption enters into Indian Armed Forces and Indian educational institutions, the country will collapse. Hence, I implore CBI to intervene to check corrupt colleges and cancel their affiliations to infuse confidence in students and faculty to ensure quality education to take India to great heights globally. Jai Hind!

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  1. Yes. CBI must take serious view of the points raised by Professor M.S.Rao who is born for the students to check white collar crimes in these private colleges in Telangana. I appreciate the boldness of Prof Rao.
    The owners of these rogue colleges treat employees as their servants. they don't respect faculty as intellectuals. They treat them as puppets. They collect a huge money from students in the name of projects or seminars or training programs. They don't pay salaries to faculty on time. They also remove faculty by filing wrong cases. When faculty question them for not removing salaries, they use all kinds of threats to cow down them. Intellectuals are also divided due to their ego problems. Hence, these private owners who have close connection with local goondas use all kinds of tactics to trouble faculty. They break so many rules laid down by AICTE and their affiliated universities.

  2. All intellectuals and students must join this movement to create a quality education which is free from fear. Kindly share with your connections to create more awareness about the irregularities in rogue colleges.

  3. It is time to clear colleges from culprits and criminals to build a healthy education system in India.