Thursday, 15 October 2015

“Dear Faculty Members! Don’t Join Fraud Private Pharmacy, Medical and Engineering Colleges in Telangana State. You Get Cheated at the End.” ―Professor M.S.Rao

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

You may be eager to join any private pharmacy, medical and engineering college in the state of Telangana. You must check the credentials of the colleges before joining. Don’t go by manipulated ranking by these colleges as they pay money to get ranked. Additionally, don’t go by their branding as they believe in their branding rather than adding value to students and stakeholders. First of all, check whether the college is faculty or employee-friendly or not because it is observed that some colleges are fraud who don’t pay salaries to their employees for a period of three months when the faculty leave the college.  Worse, they don’t give relieving orders and service certificates to the leaving faculty members to avoid getting caught by the regulating bodies.  They also don’t give last pay drawn certificate as they show to regulating authorities like AICTE and affiliated universities that they are paying huge salaries on record. They also cheat Income Tax department by showing high salaries. Worse, they debit income tax for the amount shown as per the records from the faculty members. In this way, the faculty members end up paying more income tax to the income tax department as per the inflated salary shown by these fraud colleges, not as per the actual salary received from these fraud colleges.  These fraud colleges are noted for spending huge money for building brand and bribing officials to their affiliated universities and regulating authorities. The working faculty members don’t realize these aspects since they are working and are not in a position to fight with the owners of these fraud colleges. These owners have strong political connections and nexus with mafia. They have money power and muscle power. But they don’t have any moral power.

I implore the faculty members who are intellectuals and noted for ethical values to check the background of the colleges first before accepting employment offers. Everybody needs employment. At the same time, every employer needs good employees. It is a win-win for both employees and employers. Hence, make sure that you don’t join fraud colleges who cheat you when you leave the colleges. The owners of these colleges preach ethical values publicly but practice unethical methods privately by filing wrong cases or using force or coercion against the leaving faculty members and employees. But remember, ‘truth alone triumphs in the world’.

If essential, CBI must intervene to check irregularities in these private educational institutions in the state of Telangana. In future, you will be reading more such articles about fraud colleges in this blog to enable the students to take appropriate precautions before joining colleges and the faculty to avoid getting cheated by them.

I am also planning to create a movement to free Indian education system from corruption and irregularities to make it students and faculty-friendly. The day corruption enters into Indian educational institutions and Indian Armed Forces, the country will collapse. Hence, let us create more awareness to check corruption in all spheres to build a better India. Jai Hind!

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” ― Mahatma Gandhi


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  1. Thanks for your bold post Sir!

    You are a very daring and dashing global leadership guru highlighting various issues from students to faculty to global citizens. Your mind is unique and your approach to addressing the issues is amazing!

    It is true that most private colleges in and around Hyderabad cheat the leaving faculty members by not paying salaries for months. They also harass the serving principals and senior professors with their feudalistic mindset. These private managements adopt ‘use and throw’ policy’ and ‘divide and rule’ policy. They are notorious to create a rift between the intellectuals within the campus to ensure their survival. They also use some employees as informers to gather the information.

    I request you to create a forum at the national level to voice your concerns about the irregularities and corruption in the private colleges. You rightly said that CBI must intervene corruption and irregularities. Yes. CBI must intervene to clean the system as the managements have close connections with local politicians and goons in Telangana. Since CBI belongs to central government, it is free from pressures from state government and it can check the irregularities to bring justice to both students and faculty, and to close down the fraud colleges.

    Let us clear corruption from colleges first to churn out healthy students to build a better nation.

    I request all readers to share this post with their connections to bring more awareness. Let us support Professor M S Rao’s passion to build a better education system and his vision and mission to keep corruption away from colleges.

    We Indians are with you Sir!

    1. Thanks for your comments and time.
      All intellectuals must unite to check irregularities in private educational institutions. Remember, today it is somebody's problem and tomorrow it is everybody's problem.
      Let us create a movement 'Friends of Faculty' to voice our views nationally.

  2. It is time to clear colleges from culprits and criminals to build a healthy education system in India.