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“Are You a Good Girl or Bad Girl? Do You Crave for more Facebook ‘Likes’? Here is a Global Opportunity for You!”– Professor M.S.Rao

“Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.” – Albert Einstein

Presently girls and boys are under peer pressure and age pressure. They crave for attention and recognition.  They intend to get more ‘Likes’ in their Facebook posts. For them, Facebook is more important than textbook.  A few girls upload their photos with tight fittings and skimpy costumes to expose their bodies to get more ‘Likes’.  A few girls maintain multiple boyfriends and many boys maintain multiple girlfriends which has become the order of the day in educational institutions. Some of the notorious students create nuisance in college buses and spread negativism in good students. They poison the minds of good students who intend to become ideal students. Worse, some of them drink and come to the classrooms.   

Good Girl versus Bad Girl

It is observed that some students accept negative things easily and reject positive aspects quickly. Faking and cheating has become the order of the day in colleges. How to clean their unhealthy minds? In fact, these students are the misguided lot with wavering minds and short-term temptations. Someone must take initiative to address this issue earnestly to guide students in a right direction. Let us look at some of the following questions to distinguish between good and bad girls:
Do you believe in the slogan of ‘Hi and Bye!’? If so, you are a selfish girl.
Do you sport a plastic smile to get your things done by others? If so, you are a fake girl.
Do you exploit your relations for your personal gains? If so, you are an unhealthy girl.
Do you cheat your parents? If so, you are a bad girl.
Do you cheat your teachers? If so, you are a fake girl
Do you turn your back to your teachers after you get the tasks done by them? If so, you are a thankless girl.
Do you spread rumors in college? If so, you are a notorious girl.
Do you accept negative things easily and spread them quickly without any verification? If so, you are a nasty girl.
Do you instigate your boyfriends to steal money from their home to spend money for your cell phone and restaurant bills? If so, you are an immoral girl.
Do you scapegoat your boyfriend when you are in deep mess? If so, you are a wicked girl.
Do you let down your boyfriend when he is in crisis? If so, you are an unethical girl.
Do you check your cell phone in the classroom when your professor teaches? If so, you are a negative girl.
Do you wink when professor teaches? If so, you are a notorious girl.

If you listen attentively in the classroom and take notes instead of checking for Facebook updates, you are a good girl.  If you are a girl with positive energy with a spirit to change the society, I appreciate you from my heart. Here is an opportunity for you to transform negative girls into positive girls. In fact, I am looking for such kind of girls to build this world better. Remember, there is least competition for good girls and cut-throat competition for bad girls!  Come and join me to convert bad girls into good girls to build a healthy society and great nation. Let us strive to build one million students as global leaders by 2030  

Roles and Responsibilities

Here are our roles and responsibilities as a teacher and taught. As a student, you feed the minds of your negative friends with positive thoughts. And as a professor, I share my positive messages to inspire all students. Over a period of time, we will find more bad girls transforming into good girls. Competition will be fierce when all girls become good. Don’t worry as it is a healthy competition.


Here is my message. Both boys and girls must have clarity before building their relations with their friends, boyfriends and girlfriends.  In fact, clarity is the key to your successful and everlasting relationship in life.  As a girl, love the person who loves you. Marry him and be loyal to him throughout your life. Stand by him during peaks and valleys. Remember, behind the success of every man there is always a good woman. Hence, become a good woman to achieve an amazing success in your life and to bring success to your husband. When good girls become good women, they can convert bad men into good men. They create a better society and world.  Additionally, it is a great opportunity for you to grow as a woman leader globally and work for women empowerment.  As a bird can fly on two wings, a society can grow only when both men and women collaborate and work together with synergy. Hence, let us work together in that direction to build a better world.

Good luck!

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal, nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude” – Thomas Jefferson

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  1. “Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them”. In fact, Facebook is giving social awareness to students in all over the world, If a student want to get succeed in life as global leader, they need to have strong will power but Facebook doesn't distract their goals.