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“How to Overcome Your Anxiety, Depression and Suicidal Tendencies?”– Professor M.S.Rao

“Your incredible brain can take you from rags to riches, from loneliness to popularity, and from depression to happiness and joy - if you use it properly.” - Brian Tracy

When you look at famous people like Mark Twain, F Scott Fitzgerald, JK Rowling, Ingmar Bergman, Woody Allen, Leonard Cohen, and Kurt Cobain, they all suffered from depression. 

Research shows that depression has become a major challenge globally. Many people suffer from depression but hesitate to disclose it to others due to the stigma attached to it. Some of them don’t realize that they suffer from depression. Reports show that depression is high in developing countries, and is higher in women than in men. Hence, I will address this issue in this post.

There are many reasons for depression such as divorce, death of near ones, bankruptcy, and failed love to name a few. It is a fact that life is not a cakewalk as it is full of challenges. Additionally, life is a circus as there will be peaks and valleys. Neither success nor failure is permanent. When we take life the way it comes, we will be able to stay away from depression. Most people have their dreams and want to accomplish them. And most times, things don’t happen as the way planned leading to setbacks and failures. Life throws lots of challenges and people must be prepared to accept them. There are a number of aspects which are beyond our control. We must accept this fact. At the same time, we must pursue our goals without losing any sight from distractions.

To overcome depression, it is essential to share our feelings, emotions and challenges to trusted people. Maintaining healthy family relations is the key to successful life. Most people think that success is all about money and fame. The real success is to connect with their families as it is the family that supports during the challenges. Reflect yourself why things went wrong and take remedial steps to avoid repeating them. Research shows that people waste 30 percent of their time by thinking about their unpleasant past which cannot be changed. Hence, don’t brood about your unpleasant past and don’t worry about future which cannot be predicted. Learn to live in present which is at your disposal. It is essential to admit that failure is an integral part of life. Therefore, accept failures but don’t take them personally. Learn lessons from failures and move on. When you look at Abraham Lincoln, he underwent innumerable challenges during his lifetime. He failed in business, politics and in love life. He had nervous breakdown. He displayed his resilience to finally become the 16th President of America. He was successful because he never took his failures personally. He learned lessons from failures, took precautions and moved on. He took his life as a challenge. Therefore, you must take your life as a challenge.

We don’t carry any wealth when we depart this world. We either leave good or bad reputation. Therefore, learn to live with dignity. Balance your personal, professional and social life. Spend your time regularly with your family members. Keep a few good friends to share your feelings and emotions which provide an outlet to relieve your anxiety and depression. Go for meditation or yoga. Do physical exercises regularly to energize yourself. Maintain healthy and positive friends to create positive vibrations. Look at the door that is opened, not the closed one. Set audacious goals and engage your mind to achieve them. In this way, you will be able to beat your anxiety and stay away from depression. To conclude, accept the realities of life and enjoy the every moment of your life journey to provide meaning to your life. Life is great!

“A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.” – Unknown

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Life is great!

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