Tuesday, 31 March 2015

“Dedication List of my Authored Book ‘Sutras from Management Gurus: Sage Advice for Learners, Leaders and CEOs’”– Professor M.S.Rao

Dear leaders,

As you are aware that my vision is to build one million students as global leaders by 2030 URL: http://professormsraovision2030.blogspot.in/2014/12/professor-m-s-raos-vision-2030-one_31.html,   I dedicate my authored books to students, and followers. This dedication helps as a reference during their employment interview and serves as a lifetime gift. Here is the list of people the above titled book is dedicated:

Varanasi Sesha Lakshmi Shreya, Sindhuri Mounika Chowdari, Kapuganti Manisha, Karunavathula Deepa, Alugani Vardhine Priya Goud, Sama Divya Reddy, Rajulapally Sneha, Vatrapu Priyanka, Dharmkar Ritika, Katakam Pallavi, Nallola Sowmya, Ameda Poojitha, Mamatha Gopi, D. Anusha, Chekkapalli Srividya, Pilli Vijaya Swetha, Kaza Sri Datta Sai Srinivas, Arelli Sreekar Rao, Kanchuboina Ravi Theja, Ganta Shravan Kumar, Tubati Sri Phani Bharadwaj, Dasari Shushruth Babu, Akula Karthik, Sabavat Mothilal, Sai Siddharth Datrik, Sarika Suresh, Bakki Saikrishna Yadav, Tumati Sai Bharat, Pusuluri Ashish, Mamidala.Venkata Sai Bhargava, Gattoji Rohith Kumar, Kutur Ravikanth, Kutur Sreekanth, Konda Mathew, Shahrukh Khan, Mohammed Hayatullah, Mohammed Wasif, Aashir Baig, Shafiullah Shaik, R. S. Md. Mudassir, Ahmad Raza, T. Shiva Sai Kiran, Ravuri Sai Sumanth,  Gundepudi Leelambarisha, Likki Vivek, Bellamkonda Virat Nani, Kodakandla Hemanth Reddy, Kalluri Badsha, Gudla Shashi Kiran, Revuri Sairam, Kovela Krishna Chaitanya Akshay, Kottapally Varaprasad, Vudatha Naresh, Achugatla Sudershan, Jukanti Shiva, Sai Nithesh Gajula, Chudemella Sai Jaswant Rao, Adipaka Shiva Kumar, Tulasi Nagendra, Tulasi Ajay Babu, Bandari Sai Ram, Bandari Vijaya Durga, Tanniru Sai Mouli, Tanniru Manoj Kumar, Pandi Siddharth, Pandi Mourya, Pabba Sukesh Kumar and Pachipala Sri Sunhith Reddy.

Also, to my friends and followers – Rovaida Kazmi, B.V. Swarnalathamma, Minipuri Sandhya, Manoj Prakashrao, Rode, Jinka Madhu Kiran, Parusa Sudhakar, Vijay Nair K.T, Guggilam Vijayakrishna, Karthik Chintapalli, Dhaval Trivedi, Beri Somanna, Dantuluri Venkata Sitarama Raju, Shashilp Kommaji, Sattenapalli Venkatesh, Batthula Srikanth, Srivasta Shyam Rao, Mirza Mansoor Baig, Narayanam Pavan Kumar, Dasari Revanth Kumar, Sathi Sura Reddy, Syed Irfan, Pagadala Sai Ramesh, Mahesh Enumula and Doli Sammaiah.

Here are the details of the book: 
Name of the Book: Sutras from Management Gurus: Sage Advice for Learners, Leaders and CEOs 
ISBN: 978-93-5138-246-1 
Publishers: Laxmi Publications Pvt. Ltd
Price: INR 195/-

I would appreciate if you could read my vision, follow, comment and share with your connections: ‘Vision 2030 One Million Global Leaders’ URL: http://professormsraovision2030.blogspot.in/2014/12/professor-m-s-raos-vision-2030-one_31.html  

Good luck to grow as global leaders!

Life is great!

Professor M.S.Rao, India
Founder of MSR Leadership Consultants India
Listed in Marquis Who's Who in the World in 2013
Vision 2030 Webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBCO-gWmTRk
Twitter: @professormsrao  
21 Success Sutras for Leaders: Top 10 Leadership Books of the Year (San Diego University) Amazon URL: http://www.amazon.com/21-Success-Sutras-Leaders-ebook/dp/B00AK98ELI

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Professor M.S. Rao included my name in the dedication of this book. He invited me to his office and gifted me this book. In the past, I read Professor M.S.Rao’ inspiring book gifted to me. I learnt many aspects from this book such as how to lead a team. I learnt how to face interview and how to grow as a global leader. He gifted me book. I am proud to be one of his followers. It is an honor to be part of one million global leaders by 2030. With gratitude!

  2. Thanks for your kind heart to dedicate a book to me and for gifting me.
    I am grateful to you Sir.

  3. It is a nice initiative to inspire students. You spend money from your pocket, buy books and gift them. You take a lot of pain to write books and dedicate to your students. You are really born for students Sir. Whether other students have gratitude to you or not, I have a lot of gratitude for your sincere heart to shape students as global leaders. Thanks for dedicating your book to me and gifting me.
    India needs visionary and inspiring leaders like you. Jai Hind!

  4. Thanks for dedicating one of your leadership books to me. Also thanks for taking time to invite me to your office to gift the book to me. It was the most memorable day in my life. You are not only born to students but also for faculty who are very eager to learn from you without any false ego. It is an honor to be your follower!
    Although it is a thankless job to dedicate your books to students, you still take time to dedicate books and gift them. You are one of the rarest professors I have come across in my life. I have the attitude of gratitude for your kind gesture. Keep inspiring students and educators.

  5. Thank you for keeping my name as a part of the dedication list of your latest book sir feeling really great being a part of that list and proud to be your student

    1. You deserve to be dedicated in this book. It is my pleasure to support genuine students like you. Good students like you with a great attitude inspire me to be more dedicated to my vision 2030.
      I am sure you will reach your tipping point. My blessings are with you.

  6. Professor M.S.Rao dedicated his book titled 'Business Communication' to my father, and my elder brother. We are grateful to his kind gesture. He advises to dream and achieve big in my life. He inspires everybody including me. He encouraged me to write articles and I could publish two articles in 'The HIndu Young World' because of him. I am proud to be one of his followers and one of one million global leaders. - Sura Chiranjith, With Gratitude!

  7. Sir, thanks for gifting me one of your bestselling books, 'Success Sutras for Students' in the presence of my parents in the 'Parents Meet'. It was a great day in my life. I have been highly inspired by your charisma and personality. Above all, you have a heart to support students and bring best out of them. It is a rare gesture by anybody in this world. I am proud to be one of your global leaders and your followers.

  8. Thank you very much Sir to include my name in the dedications list.I feel blessed by this honor.
    And thank you for finding something good in me.People rarely appreciate good things in others and am overwhelmed by your kind gestures.

    Thanking you,
    Yours Obediently,
    Mamatha Gopi.

  9. I have no words to say about Professor M.S.Rao Sir. He inspires students by dedicating his books to students and gifting them with his own money. He invited me and gifted me ‘Sutras from Management Gurus: Sage Advice for Learners, Leaders and CEOs’ book. He included my name in the dedication list of this book. It is the greatest honor in my life and a D-day in my life. He makes a difference in the lives of students. I am proud to be one among the one million global leaders. It is a great honor to be his student and follower. With gratitude!

  10. “I enjoy Professor M.S. Rao’s teaching and training sessions. He knows the knack of delivering punches and quotes which are useful in the real life. His style of communication is unique and is easy to understand and digest. He shares lots of examples and illustrations that help the audiences to relate the content with real life events. He gifts books to students. I am proud to be his follower.” – T. Saritha.

  11. “I enjoy his training programs. I attended mock interview sessions organized by him today. I learned many things. It was highly inspiring with unconventional questions and answers. He brainstormed and got the best out of students. He emphasizes on minute things to get the best out of students. He improves the bahviour among the students. I appreciate his vision 2030 and inspired by his passion towards students. He dedicates and gifts books to students. I am proud to be one his followers.” – Suvartha

  12. “It is a great initiative to dedicate books and gift them to students. Professor M.S.Rao invited me to his office and gifted his book ‘’Stay Hungry’ to me. I felt excited with his kind gesture. Nobody does such great things nowadays except great visionaries like Professor M.S.Rao. I learned many new things beyond the books from him. He conducted training program on interview skills today. I leaned new things like ‘attitude, team work, passion and continuous learning’ from him. He is passionate about students and is very keen to share his knowledge free to the world. It is an honor to be his one in one million global leaders and above all, being his follower.” – Deepti

  13. Thanks for dedicating the book titled 'Students Concerns and Clarifications'. You inspire not only your students but also friends like me. It is great to be your friend. I appreciate your vision to build one million students as global leaders. India needs visionary leaders like you. Lead India. Lead World. I wish you good luck!


  14. “Professor Rao helps students in many ways by gifting books to students. He is passionate about students and has a great vision to build students as leaders on nonprofit basis. I fully support it and I am proud to be one of his followers.” Narasimha

  15. “It is a great vision to build one million students as global leaders. As a faculty member, I personally know Professor Rao’ passion, excellence and commitment to students. He dedicates books to students and gifts them to inspire them. It is a rare gesture anybody can do for students these days. I wish him all the best.” – P Subramanyam, SEBI resource person

  16. “Professor Rao’s vision is unique and inspiring. He gifts books to students to inspire them I am so excited with his kind gesture and initiative. He is very simple and humble at heart. I see his passion for students and I am astonished by seeing a huge number of followers in the college campus. I fully support his vision to build one million students as global leaders by 2030.” - Prasad

  17. Thanks for dedicating book titled 'Sutras from Management Gurus' and gifting me personally. It is indeed a lifetime achievement to me. I appreciate your passion towards students and faculty and spending your money to buy books and gifting them. You are one of the rarest academic leaders I have seen in my lifetime. Thanks to you Sir. India needs leaders like you. It is an honor to be your follower. - Sandhya, MLISC

  18. You always inspire students with your passion and vision. you spend your own money to buy books and gift them. you dedicate books to them. Unfortunately, some of them let you down. But you still continue inspire students. I read your vision 2030. A very inspiring vision 2030. Kalam had vision 2020 and you have vision 2030. You always inspire students. Kalam lived for students but you are born for students because you think about shaping students as leaders throughout the day. I am proud to be your die-hard follower. It is a great honor to be one of your one million global leaders. Academic leaders like you must become President of India to lead this country to become a Super Power. Jai Hind!

  19. Professor M.S.Rao is a global leadership guru who is passionate to build one million students as global leaders. He has a huge number of followers globally including in Malaysia. He gave autographs to his fans in Malaysia in August 2015 who bought his best selling book. '21 Success Sutras for Leaders' I enjoy his training programs. I read most of his books. I love his vision. I am proud to be one of his one million global leaders. Jai Hind!