Thursday 6 May 2021

Myths And Truths About COVID-19


"COVID-19 pandemic is a tumble that has made humans humble emphasizing humility, humanity, and hope.” ―Professor M.S. Rao



In this post, I share with you the myths and truths about coronavirus and steps to be taken if you are tested positive with coronavirus infection. Here are some myths and truths about COVID-19

Myth: Coronavirus affects older people.

Truth: The virus affects irrespective of age.

Myth: Taking antibiotics to prevent coronavirus.

Truth: Antibiotics don’t work against coronavirus.

Myth: Drinking alcohol prevents coronavirus.

Truth: Alcohol doesn't kill the virus.


If you have difficulty in breathing and persistent pain or pressure in the chest, you must consult your doctor immediately. If you are tested positive for coronavirus, there is nothing to panic about. Take appropriate precautions. Maintain social distancing. Go for quarantine. Avoid close contact with the person who tested positive. Stay in a separate room. Wash your hands frequently. Use sanitizer frequently. Clean surface areas regularly. Stay positive. Be confident. Be mindful. Do breathing exercises. Understand the power of your subconscious mind. Give positive commands before you go to bed that you are coming out of the virus. Research shows that when you give commands to your subconscious mind 30 minutes before going to your bed, it will have an 18 percent positive impact. Therefore, give positive commands as follows before you go to the bed: I am becoming healthier and happier. I am bouncing back from the virus.



This too shall pass!


Eat sufficient and healthy food. Engage in physical activities. Exercise at home. If you have symptoms of common cold or flu, meet your doctor for medication. Focus on creative activities.


We, humans, are blessed with the power of imagination and creativity. We have overcome several challenges and we will overcome this pandemic. To conclude, this too shall pass!


“COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t discriminate humans based on community or economic status. It can infect anybody irrespective of community and status.” ―Professor M.S. Rao






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