Tuesday 18 July 2017

Smart Work versus Hard Work

"You just have to put in 80- to 100-hour weeks every week." Elon Musk

People often talk about smart work and hard work but they find it challenging to differentiate between them. Here is how you can differentiate between them to enable you to work smart to fulfill your dreams and accomplish your goals. When you want to work smart you must know how to work effectively without wasting your time. In fact, smart work is different from hard work and most people emphasize smart work to achieve outcomes quickly. Here are some tips to work smartly:

Find out your biological clock and work accordingly to leverage it effectively to unlock your potential. Biological clock has different meanings globally. Instead of investing your time, energy and resources at wrong time; use them at the time when your body is positive and proactive. Have clarity of mind to understand your priorities and goals.  Be clearly focused on your goals instead of wasting your time on too many activities. Give commands to your subconscious mind before going to bed. Your subconscious mind works more effectively during sleep and you will get solutions in the next day morning.  Additionally, whenever you want to do any activity, look for multiple outcomes instead of a single outcome.   Avoid distractions when you do your tasks. Emphasize excellence instead of perfection. Always do better than what you have done in the past to achieve better results. Invest your efforts religiously without excessively worried about outcomes because when you emphasize more on outcomes rather than efforts you may lose enthusiasm if you don’t achieve the desired outcomes. Sometimes results will take their own time. Take nap in the middle of the day to recharge your mind.


Knowledge is an ocean and life is a journey. You must acquire knowledge regularly and share it with others. You must lead a challenging life and enjoy every moment of it because you have only one life. You will have to do everything in one life only. Hence, enjoy the journey, not the destination.

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Professor M.S.Rao
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