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Emphasize Attitude, Personality and Behavior while Hiring

"My biggest mistake is probably weighing too much on someone's talent and not someone's personality. I think it matters whether someone has a good heart." ― Elon Musk

The recruiters emphasize several parameters in technical and non-technical skills at the time of hiring. Some of the parameters in the non-technical area include intelligence, experience, attitude, personality and behavior. Currently attitude is widely talked against skills; personality is widely talked against intelligence; experience is widely talked against qualifications; and streetsmarts are widely talked against book smarts at the time of recruitment.  There is a drastic shift in the mindset of the recruiters globally keeping the present global business environment in view.

Emphasize Excellence and Acquire Expert Power

There are many factors that differentiate extraordinary achievers from ordinary achievers. One of them is excellence. Extraordinary achievers raise their bar constantly. They don’t compare with others. For them, excellence is an attitude. They work for their satisfaction, not for recognition. They constantly upgrade themselves with knowledge, skills and abilities.  

I survived professionally irrespective of the institutions I worked due to my expert power and referent power. Hence, acquire both expert and referent power to achieve greatness in your life.

Emphasize Attitude, Personality and Behavior

When someone has a vast experience but doesn’t demonstrate right attitude, it is of no significance to the organizations. In contrast, when someone has high attitude with nil experience, it is of great significance to the organizations. Personality is preferred to other aspects including experience, intelligence and talent. Richard Branson rightly remarked, "In my eyes, personality always wins over book smarts. Company knowledge and job-specific skills can be learned, but you can't train a personality." Hence, job seekers must take a note of this shift in global recruitment and present themselves accordingly during interview to come out with flying colors. Additionally, they must realize that there is no permanent employment in the world but only permanent employability.

"The person with the top grades and most credentials isn't always the best person for the role. Time and time again I've seen people with a background of broad-ranging employment and skills hired for a job where they don't necessarily tick the specialist criteria boxes, but become incredibly successful by offering a new level of understanding to the role. With this in mind, we focus on hiring people with transferable skills--team players who can pitch in and help others in all sorts of situations. It's important never to underestimate the power of versatility."  ― Richard Branson

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