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“An Open Letter to Shri K. Chandrashekar Rao, Chief Minister of Telangana – Close Fraudulent Private Colleges in Telangana to Enhance Quality Education to Students” ― Professor M.S.Rao

Dear Honourable Chief Minister of Telangana,

You must have heard about oil mafia, sand mafia and now you must hear about college mafia who are fraudsters and leeches who suck money from students through dubious means; ill-treat faculty; and cheat the leaving faculty without paying their salaries and filing false cases against them.

While I appreciate your sincere efforts to close down the erring and unethical educational institutions in Telangana, there are still fraudulent colleges that cheat university officials during inspections, cheat students and faculty; and government through false reimbursement claims.   

I worked in various private engineering colleges in Hyderabad and found a lot of irregularities and corruption. I regret to bring it to your notice publicly that a college in Hyderabad cheated me by not giving my salary more than three months causing mental agony and hardships to me and my family. I complained to appropriate forums including AICTE Chairman and the Registrar of JNTU Hyderabad. The AICTE Chairman, Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe, and the Registrar of JNTU Hyderabad, Dr. N. Yadaiah are aware of my issue and know my name. In spite of my repeated requests to credit my salary, the college has not credited my salary into my account. I don’t want other intellectuals to undergo agony like me. Hence, I am writing openly some of the irregularities happening in private engineering colleges in Telangana State to bring to your notice so that you can take remedial measures to streamline the education system:
  • Most colleges don’t have adequate infrastructure. Students don’t have adequate facilities to acquire quality education. Required number of laboratories are not available.
  • Most colleges don’t have adequate faculty strength. These notorious colleges engage ghost faculty. That means they hire the faculty at the time of inspection to cheat the visiting inspection officials.
  • Most colleges don’t pay salaries as per the norms. They show on record that they pay as per the latest pay commission and follow the norms. They are notorious by crediting the salaries into the accounts of faculty and withdrawing the differential amount forcibly on the same day through self-withdrawal forms signed by the faculty. Any bank official can easily identify these irregularities. Any person with common sense can easily identify how colleges cheat intellectuals by taking their signatures on the withdrawal forms on the day of giving salaries. At times the faculty end up paying more income tax as officially the salary on records is higher than what is received in reality.
  • The faculty don’t receive their salaries on time. Most colleges don’t pay salaries to the leaving employees. Worse some colleges don’t give relieving order to the relieved employees. The owners are sadists without any ethical values, and they harass leaving intellectuals by various means. When the leaving faculty challenges them, these fraud managements file wrong cases against such employees. 
  • The name of the same faculty member appears in other colleges also. Previously, these fraud colleges collected fee reimbursement from government fraudulently by showing fake students.
  • These fraud colleges give advertisement to recruit faculty. They get lots of CVs at the time of recruitment and misuse CVs during inspections. At times, these fraudsters take scanned copies of certificates from the prospective applicants before interview and show them during inspections without the knowledge of faculty. Faculty won’t be recruited and the colleges misuse the documents.
  • These fraud colleges have close nexus with other fraud colleges. They share faculty members to cheat inspection officials from their affiliated universities. They fool students and officials by listing ghost faculty.
  • The college owners are notorious for inviting the influential university officials for ‘guest lectures’ and ‘graduation day’ events and pay handsome remuneration. It is an indirect way of bribing these university officials.
  • These fraud colleges openly flout the norms. They are confident that they can bribe officials during inspections. The corrupt officials are not in the mood to redress the grievances made against these colleges by students and faculty.
  • The inspecting officials are aware of the irregularities in these colleges. These colleges are noted for offering bribes to visiting inspection officials. Some of the university officials are corrupt, and they hardly take any action.
  • These fraud colleges flout labor laws, and the labor officials are aware of them but they don’t take any action since they also receive bribes regularly.
  • Some of the colleges are run by so called entrepreneurs with criminal background. Some money lenders, toddy contractors and real estate agents have reinvented as educational entrepreneurs to cheat students, faculty, university officials and government. They have no passion or vision to build quality educational institutions. Their mission is to cheat somehow to make quick money. How can you build Bangaru Telangana with such managements?
  • Some of the visiting officials during inspection are very strict and honest. They cancel affiliations to erring colleges. The owners of these private colleges apply political pressure on these university officials based on caste, community or region. When honest university officials cancel affiliations, the notorious owners approach courts and bribe there also.


Here are some solutions to these problems. We must have quality educational institutions, not quantity. Cancel affiliations to the fraudulent colleges with a track record of complaints such as not paying salaries to the leaving employees and collecting extra fee from students indirectly through dubious means. Create a grievance cell where faculty and students can complain irregularities anonymously. Ensure that every college has adequate number of faculty as per the prescribed norms, laboratories and infrastructure to run courses successfully. Make biometric attendance system for faculties, students and employees compulsory. Check the bank records of each college whether the salaries are paid promptly. Check the open irregularities such as taking the differential salary amount from the faculty forcibly on the day of crediting the salary. Involve income tax authorities to check these irregularities.

It is time you checked these unethical businessmen masquerading as educationists. Remember, if corruption enters into educational institutions and armed forces, the country will collapse.

Educational institutions are the temples of learning. The onus lies with you to maintain sanctity by weeding out fraudsters and criminals. Only then you will be able to ensure quality education and shell out students with ethical values.

I request you to build a strong educational system where intellectuals are comfortable with pay and perks to share their knowledge, and students are confident of acquiring knowledge to grow as healthy citizens. Jai Hind!

Note: I authored a book sharing my bitter experiences with the colleges I worked in Hyderabad. The book is yet to go for print, and is tentatively titled as “Sharing in Success! A Guide to Acquire Insights on Academic, Career, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Success.”  URL:


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Professor M.S.Rao, India
Founder of MSR Leadership Consultants India
Recipient of 10th International Prestigious Sardar Patel Award―2015

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  1. Sir,
    You are a crusader of students and teachers.
    You are very bold to write such a letter to CM of Telangana.
    You shouldn't have joined in such fraudulent colleges with such an international profile.
    Govt should cancel affiliation to colleges with track record of complaints.
    I am sure you will change the Indian education system in future with your preaching, writing and practicing.
    Proud to be your follower.

  2. I strongly recommend Magsaysay award for your contribution to education and building students as global leaders by 2030.

  3. Culprits must be brought to the book to do justice to the intellectuals. It is a shame that private colleges are involving in fraudulent activities and authorities keeping their eyes closed.

  4. You are absolutely right sir. Yes this is the situation with 8 out of 10 colleges in Telangana State. Everyone knows everything, but they dont want to disturb the system. As they are very well habituated to it. But i really feel SORRY for it...

    1. Hi Ravikanth,
      Let us not be silent spectators. Let us unite to fight irregularities and corruption in colleges.
      There is no one to address when faculty are cheated by private colleges by not giving salary for more than three months. Adding fuel to the fire, these owners of these private engineering colleges are rogues who file wrong cases. They bribe everyone including the judiciary. We must bring the change to ensure healthy educational institutions in Telangana and everywhere in India to build a strong nation. Read my article which is widely appreciated including LinkedIn Pulse: “Fake Students, Fake Faculty, Fake Colleges, What Next in Telangana State in India? URL:

  5. Sir can I get your complete postal address along with pincode, to send you letter of appreciation.

    1. Hi Surya Mahadeva, I am truly excited with your appreciation. I would appreciate if you could share this post with your social media platforms to reform education system. In Telangana, there are many fradulent educational institutions that cheat faculty and students. They cheat faculty by filing wrong cases and by not paying salaries for many months. Ultimately, it is the students who suffer the most.

    2. if you share with post with your social media platforms that is more than writing me a letter of appreciation. Thanks for understanding and for your great heart to cleanse the Indian education system.