Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Professor M.S.Rao Successfully Led Video Conference on his Award-Winning Book ‘21 Success Sutras for Leaders’ in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Dear friends,

I am excited to share with you that I was invited by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on November 18, 2015 to share my knowledge with their leaders through video conference on my award-winning book ‘21 Success Sutras for Leaders’. This book was ranked as one of the Top 10 Leadership Books of the Year for 2013 (San Diego University) I enjoyed interacting with their igniting executives who were very passionate about learning. They asked several questions on career, leadership and CEOs. I enjoyed interacting with them. Here are the 21 success sutras to acquire to grow as a great leader:
1.         Leadership is a Responsibility, not a Badge of Honor
2.         Character Counts, not Charisma
3.         Be a Coach, not a Critic
4.         Build Bridges, not Barriers
5.         Fight for Pretty Things, not Petty Things
6.         Strive for Excellence, not Perfection
7.         Failure is only a Comma, not a Full Stop
8.         Never Say ‘No’ too Soon and ‘Yes’ too Late
9.         Praise Publicly and Punish Privately
10.       Spread the Fame in Success and Take the Blame in Failure
11.       Listen to all and Take Your Call
12.       Walk Your Talk
13.       Deal People Differently
14.       Leaders Command Respect
15.       Don’t Blame Circumstances
16.       Don’t Compete, Collaborate
17.       Don’t React, Act
18.       Think Global, Act Local
19.       Invest in People
20.       Everybody is a Leader
21.       Soft Leadership is the Heart of Leadership

Also, I shared the above sutras with senior global leaders and CEOs in Malaysia and successfully keynoted ‘Visionary Leadership 2015 Malaysia’ URL;

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  1. Great dear Prof. M.S.Rao!
    Your service for academic & corporate fields are appreciated.

    1. Dear Dr. A S Rao,
      Thanks for your kind words and appreciation.
      You have a great heart to appreciate others' achievement.
      You will grow as a great academic leader!

  2. Thank you Laxmi Swetha for your continued support for more than 8 years and for your kind appreciation. I am proud to have a loyal and die-hard follower like you.
    You are already a leader and I am sure you will grow as a great leader globally.

  3. Sir, I am very much excited with your achievements.
    You keep inspiring students and senior leaders in the corporate world. Leading the knowledge workers of TCS is a great achievement as TCS is the number one IT company in India and the third Top in the world.
    Recently you won the "10th International Prestigious Sardar Patel Award―2015 for Youth Empowerment." You are another Sardar Patel of India! You are another Iron Man of India! You are another Bismark of India! You are the future President of India!
    It is your greatness to be humble and simple despite achieving great things in the world.
    We Indians are so proud of you.
    It is a great honor to be your follower and one of the One Million Global Leaders.

    1. Thanks for your gracious comments. I am proud to have a loyal follower like you for many years.

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  5. Blessed to learn 21 success sutras at this age to start a successful career. Thank you so much sir for this wonderful knowledge.

    1. Hi Shreya! I appreciate your comments.
      Wishing you good luck in career and life!

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  7. I felt glad to attend your presentation on 18th Nov (Wednesday). I liked your insights on 21 Sutras for leaders. All along I believed charisma is more important, you made us to understand character is more important than charisma.

    I find it amazing to learn about Chanakya's 4 fold strategy, Sama (Persuade, inform), Dhana (Reward, Motivation), Beda (Differentiation, compare) and Dhanda (Punish, reprimand, fire). Until that time I did not realize how insultive it is to compare someone.

    I liked the Sutra titles and nice quotes shared you, especially this one by John C Maxwell, "Leaders who tend only to business, often end up losing people and business. But leaders who tend to people usually build up people and the business"

    I felt energized to learn the importance of soft leadership.

    Thank you very much, appreciate your kind gesture to share your wisdom to all of us over a video conference and all the very best for you to achieve your vision 2030, Creating one million global leaders.


    1. Dear Vaidhya,
      Thanks for your participation in my video conference in TCS. I received many appreciation mails to my inbox. Thanks for your gracious comments.
      It was a great privilege to share my knowledge with knowledge leaders of TCS.

  8. Congratulations for your great achievement.

  9. I appreciate your passion to share your knowledge with others. The 21 sutras are truly amazing!

  10. congrats! you are doing great job. you are leading from the front by sharing your knowledge with leaders. I missed it.