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“Emphasize on What is Right and Wrong, not Who is Right and Wrong ― A Short Story” ―Professor M.S.Rao

“I shall not fear anyone on Earth.
I shall fear only God.
I shall not bear ill will toward anyone.
I shall not submit to injustice from anyone.
I shall conquer untruth by truth. And in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering.” ― Mahatma Gandhi          

People often emphasize on money power and muscle power. They forget to emphasize on moral power and brain power. They think might is right. They often forget to think that it is the right matters, not might. At times they think who is right and wrong, not what is right and wrong. Let us discuss this in this article.

When we think about who is right and wrong, we tend to look at individuals. In contrast, when we think about what is right and wrong, we look at issues without any fear and favor. We look at issues dispassionately.

Might versus Right ― A Short Story

Professor Ken served in a private college for more than three years. He was passionate about sharing his knowledge and shaping students as leaders.  When he joined the college as a professor, some of his friends asked him reasons for joining a substandard college which did not have adequate infrastructure, facilities and with a track record of irregularities including non-payment of salaries to the leaving employees. He said that he had passion for teaching and training and he can set the system alright from irregularities. He tried his level best to set the education system and the college from irregularities. Gradually he focused more on shaping students and enjoyed interacting with them. Many students loved and admired his academic leadership. The college served notice of one month on administrative grounds. He didn’t feel bad when he was served with notice because college did not have adequate number of students to offer courses. Additionally, image of the institution was eroding due to weak leadership by the management. Unfortunately, college stopped paying salary to him before serving the notice. He decided to meet the owner of the college for asking his salary. The owner was avoiding him as he had evil intentions to avoid salary. Above all, he did not have the courage to face Professor Ken directly. The owner was notorious for not giving salaries to the leaving employees. On the other hand, he blackmailed the leaving faculty by filing wrong cases when the faculty demanded their salaries. He had money power and muscle power to browbeat the employees and intellectuals.

Professor Ken approached principal to persuade the owner of the college to pay his salary. The principal was also not taking any interest as she flattered the owner to ensure her survival in the college. Finally on the day of leaving the college, Ken requested the principal to pay salary, and give his service certificate and relieving order. The principal told to Professor Ken, “The owner of the college has money and muscle power. He won’t give you salary. He is more intelligent than you and he knows how to trap you.”  Professor Ken replied to principal, “It is not who is more intelligent counts in this matter. It is a matter of ethics to pay salary to the employees as per the terms of the agreement. It is not the might counts but the right counts. As a professor I cannot cut corners the way owner cuts corners and cheats the faculty. I have ethics and etiquette. I have to be an example to the students and role model to the society. Therefore, I will fight through right means and appropriate forums ethically to get my salary. The owner is noted for cheating every leaving faculty by not paying salary since there is nobody to question him.  Employees and intellectuals are afraid of his political connections and money power. I will fight to I get my salary and teach a lesson to unethical owner so that he will not cheat anybody in future.” The Principal sarcastically smiled over Professor Ken’s words. Professor Ken felt pity on Principal. Finally, the professor had to leave the college without taking salary for more than three months and relieving order.  

Professor Ken approached appropriate forums to fight for his salary. The owner used his political connections and money power in most of the forums. Finally, one forum took up Professor Ken’s grievance and addressed it earnestly and taught a bitter lesson to the cheating owner. It was a big jolt to the unethical owner from an ethical intellectual. The owner realized that there was one professor who taught a lesson in his life. His colleagues and students praised Professor Ken on his victory. He replied, “It is a victory for all intellectuals and employees. It is a victory for truth. Satyamev Jayate!”


The professor had to fight to the finish to get his salary by focusing heavily on various aspects. He wanted to change the unethical practices in private colleges. He wanted to reform the educational system in India. He wanted to create a healthy society by checking the irregularities and corruption. He dedicated his entire life to the cause of students and education and became an academic leader and legend.


The message from this story is it is not who is right and wrong counts but what is right and wrong counts. One man who can bring the change in the society is YOU.

“Remember that the greatest crime is to compromise with injustice and wrong.” ― Subhash Chander Bose


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