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“‘Friends of Faculty’ ― Fight for Your Rights ― Satyamev Jayate” ―Professor M.S.Rao

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." ― John Quincy Adams

Were you cheated by the management of your college where you served loyally for some years? Did your employer betray you after utilizing your services by not paying your last month salary? Were you terminated from your employment by your employer disgracefully?  Are you in financial hardships due to the non-receipt of payment from your employer? Do you want to understand the procedure to get your last month salary from private colleges or educational institutions in India? This article helps you redress your grievance.  

I served as a professor in various private colleges and I have my own bitter experiences with some notorious owners/managements who tried to cheat me by not paying my last month salary. But they failed miserably due to my ethical and legal fight. Here is a tentative procedure to get your last month salary in a fair, legal and ethical manner from private educational institutions in India.

First prepare a draft of your grievance furnishing the details of your association with your college with facts and figures from recruitment to termination. Enclose the scanned copies of all your certificates that serve as evidence. Send your grievance to ‘grievance cell’ to the university with which your college is affiliated currently. You can also send it to the Registrar and Vice Chancellor of the affiliated university. You send it to All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Delhi which is a regulating body that will quickly check the irregularities. Here is their email: to assist you.  

You can also send your grievance to Human Rights Commission as your family in financial hardships due to non-receipt of your salary from your employer. You can send your grievance to Labour Commissioner to which the college belongs for speedy redressal. Keep the copies of all your complaints for future reference. If you have sent e-mails, keep a copy of each one in a separate folder to track it easily. Wait for two to three weeks for their positive response. If there is no response, you remind them by referring your previous letters and emails for their follow-up. If you send hard copies, make sure that you send them by courier or registered post from Indian postal department. I am sure you will get a positive response and salary from your employer. There is a probability that your unethical employer might have connections with some of the officials to influence them and bribe them.  But remember, most officials are really good. They empathize with you and fight for your right and instruct the erring educational institution to pay your salary. In the meanwhile, your employer might level false charges against you with higher officials to invent excuses for non-payment of your salary. They might blackmail you. Most of the officials are aware of such fictitious charges by these notorious owners and employers. They know that these are gimmicks to defend themselves and put you on further troubles. Don’t give up due to fictitious charges. You can approach media to highlight your issues. They are ready to fight your case due to the cut-throat competition in television channels and other media. Finally, you can file a case in court. You must fight to the finish. Remember, truth alone triumphs (Satyamev Jayate).  

After you receive your salary, thank the people who played crucial roles to get your salary. Have an attitude of gratitude. Also, help other employees who have been cheated like you by their employers. Provide them direction and offer them hope. People often think ‘what is in it for me’ which is wrong. We must help one another during problems to build a better world.


For every problem, there are multiple solutions. Don’t excessively brood over the problems. Always explore options and take immediate action to fight for your rights. Don’t suffer silently.

Be persistent with your approach. Don’t attack the individuals but attack only the issues during your ethical fight. Follow the procedure meticulously and be patient. You will definitely get your salary and overcome your financial hardships and depression. Once you come out with flying colors, you stand out as a leader and role model for others.

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." — John C. Maxwell

Note: I am an awakener. I enlighten both educators and students. I enjoy showing direction to them. I am a troubleshooter and resolve the issues analytically, objectively and systematically. You will find more such posts about educators and students.  Please share this post with others who will benefit from my approach, ideas and insights. Let us make a difference to the world.


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  1. Dear Sir,
    You are a true leader always showing the way for other leaders to follow.
    Previously educational institutions were started by philanthropists and intellectuals. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs with criminal mind started colleges now. That is why both students and faculty suffers.
    Your article is objective, analytical and impartial.
    It serves as a blueprint for other aggrieved employees to approach the right authorities.
    I always support your right causes. I am sharing with my connections.

  2. Sir,
    Please provide the addresses and emails of authorities as it helps others showing the right path. They will be grateful to you. In this way you become not only a leader but also a crusader against corruption and irregularities.

  3. Bring the college culprits to the book. Indian judiciary is very strong. A very bold article on fighting against irregularities and corruption in private colleges.
    It is time to streamline system in such a way to bring justice to employees and faculties in colleges.

  4. Bold article with thought provoking ideas. Some rogues have converted education into prostitution. It is time to clean the education system in India to keep it free from criminals.

  5. It is time to clear colleges from culprits and criminals to build a healthy education system in India.