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Free Sample Chapter ― Professor M.S.Rao’s Award-Winning Book “Stand Out! Build A Successful Career and Become A Global Leader”

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Here is the sample chapter of my award-winning book, “Stand Out! – Build a Successful Career and Become a Global Leader” Here is the link to buy this book: http://shopping.indiatimes.com/books/wellness-series/stand-out/40851/p_B918246. You may share your thoughts about this book on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Also, I appreciate a review on your blogs, websites, Amazon or other online bookseller sites.  


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao-Tzu

Welcome to Stand Out! Build a Successful Career and Become a Global Leader. In today’s cut-throat competitive world it has become a huge challenge to build a career of your choice and to excel as successful professional as all are working hard and trying to prove themselves professionally. However, learning the tools and techniques to brand and stand out by following the road less traveled helps you have exciting career opportunities, prove yourself professionally and stand out from the crowd.   In this regard, we will discuss about success.

Everyone craves to achieve success but only some achieve success while the majority is left behind.  In fact, what takes people to succeed and how success comes is a debatable issue. In fact, there is no absolute success as the term ‘success’ is relative and it differs from person to person. When you want to achieve success you have to deliver your best without concentrating too much on success.  When people focus too much on success they lose sight of their goals. Sometimes they get dejected and give up when they don’t achieve success.  Remember success is a byproduct, not end result. Your goal is to work hard, work smart and work wise continuously and constantly with a commitment to excellence. When you believe in this process you will reach your goals and achieve success. In addition, when you want to achieve success you must emphasize on means rather than ends because it is the journey counts more than the destination. You cannot neglect your present happiness by hoping about your future success. You must enjoy the journey towards the destination of success. You must be able to strike the balance between your journey and destination to find true meaning to your life.

Whatever the area you are into, you must learn to deliver your best by putting both your head and heart. You must also pursue your passions than money as money fulfills certain needs while passion fuels many things beyond money. Therefore, it is essential to choose the career of your choice rather than running behind money as money as a motivation doesn’t last longer time. When you want to succeed in your personal, professional and social life you must remember not to compromise on two things – spouse and career. A good spouse understands your needs and supports you through thick and thin. A good career gives you great satisfaction by unlocking your hidden potential and providing your livelihood.  When you work in your passionate career you don’t feel working any longer as you don’t know how the time is spent in your work. God gifted us 24 hours day and we spend most of our time in workplace and the rest of time with family.  If you don’t enjoy good career you don’t find meaning to your profession and if you don’t get good spouse you don’t find meaning to your life.  Hence, you must be careful in choosing a good spouse and a great career for leading a complete life meaningfully.

When we discuss about career there are several things involved wherein you need to prove yourself as a successful professional.  Professionals are the ones who are experts in their areas and who stand as role models for others to emulate.  There are several characteristics that make true professionals stand out. In this competitive world it is essential to be equipped with extraordinary skills and abilities to stay ahead of others. When you want to stay ahead of others you have to stand out from others. When you want to stand out you must build your own brand everywhere including at your workplace and within your social circles to get recognized. And brand building requires constant efforts and consistent energies on your part. Hence, you have to be a successful professional to stand out and succeed at the corporate world.

What is Professionalism?

Professionalism doesn’t mean wearing smart clothes alone. Professionalism doesn’t mean talking politely alone. Professionalism doesn’t mean behaving properly with superiors alone. Professionalism is beyond dressing smartly, taking politely and behaving properly with superiors.  In fact, professionalism comes from your positive attitude and work ethics and etiquette. Professionalism comes when you develop chemistry between bosses, peers and subordinates. Professionalism is not an easy term to define. It has to be defined broadly. You can achieve professionalism when you can effectively blend your personal behavior in tune with professional needs at the workplace.  Here is the formula to become a successful professional.  You must work hard for ten years to become a successful professional or you must invest smartly for 10,000 hours consistently in one particular domain to acquire mastery and establish yourself as a successful professional.

Professionalism, Success and Leadership

People must be aware that professionalism breeds success and success, in turn, breeds leadership.  There is correlation among these three things. When you stand firmly on your feet as a professional success is sure to touch your toes. Success comes from sheer professionalism and leadership comes from your success. Hence, professionalism, success and leadership are interwoven. Here is a caution!  If you try to be professional just because achieving success it may not be possible as success comes as a byproduct from professionalism. Similarly, you cannot achieve leadership status merely because you are successful. It is the people who will decide whether you should be crowned with leadership status.  It is the people who elevate you as a leader based on your professionalism, contribution and success.  Here are the steps to stand out and succeed.

Steps to Stand Out

“Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending.” - Carl Bard

Be Different, Don’t Be Indifferent: When you want to stand out do things differently. Don’t do what others do. Just do something different by following the road less traveled. Robert Frost rightly said, “Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by.”  When you look leaders like Steve Jobs he followed the road less traveled thus becoming a trailblazer. He put Apple Computes on the top of the world through innovation.  Apple and Steve are synonymous.  Through his passion and innovation he stood out from other entrepreneurs and leaders.

Be Effective than Efficient: The modern management guru, Peter F. Drucker said that efficient people do things right while the effective people do right things. Efficiency is equated with hard work while effectiveness is equated with smart work. Efficiency is focusing on the ends while effectiveness is associated with means and methods of execution.  Efficiency emphasizes on quantity while effectiveness on quality. Hence, be effective than efficient to stand out.

Enjoy Journey Than Destination: People often think it is the destination counts, not journey. Although destination is important what is more important is the journey that emphasizes on the means and methods.  There is no certainty about the future except being bullish about it. In addition, we cannot predict what is in store for us in future.  What you have now is the present. Therefore, enjoy your present by not losing sight of your end in mind.

Be a Leader Than a Manager: People often confuse between leaders and managers. Leaders think of where to go while the managers think of how to go. Leaders think of where and why while managers think of how and when.  Leaders think out of the box while the managers think within the box.  Leaders are risk takers while managers are risk-averse. Leaders place the ladder on the right side of the wall while the managers climb the wall. Leaders deal complexity while managers cope up with complexity. Leaders are directors while the managers are actors. Leaders mould while managers weld. Precisely, leaders are visionaries while managers are missionaries.  Hence, be a leader than a manager.

Make a Difference: Everyone comes to this world alone and leaves alone. Therefore, give your best for your organizations and the people around you. Make a difference where people around you feel truly valued with your behavior, succor and contributions. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa are remembered for their contributions to this world.  They made a significant difference in the lives of people and left the world better place to live for all of us.

Soar Like an Eagle: Eagle is the leader among all birds.  When storm approaches eagles face the challenges head on while the rest of the birds take cover. Eagles convert threats into opportunities and undergo lot of pain and pressure during lifetime.  They undergo severe trials and tribulations that stand out from other birds. Hence, if you want to succeed as a professional you must develop the mindset of an eagle which is the symbol of leadership.

Build Your Online Professional Image

Find out from professional networking site such as LinkedIn the career moves and shifts made by experienced people as it guides you move on the right career track quickly.  At the same time don’t ape others blindly. Customize the information as per your talents and skills to ensure quick career success. Make your presence felt by building your online image to enhance your career prospects.  Start a blog and keep posting about your areas of interests, tastes, talents and articles to draw the attention of your prospective employers.

Latest trend reveals that many hirers Google about their potential employees to find out their tastes and areas of interests.  Although the information available online may not be accurate completely, they still gauge the pulse of the potential candidates by googling.  Therefore, it is an opportunity for both the new job seekers and working executives to make their presence felt by sharing genuine information about their areas of interests, hobbies, knowledge and experience through web.  Ravi Shankar, senior VP, HR, HCL Technologies rightly says, “Employers often assess the attitude and disposition of a prospective employee in relation to various professional and social subjects.  They also try and gauge the level of commitment and passion the individual is likely to demonstrate in his/her  role by observing his/her preferences, dislikes, views and opinions that are shared on public forums.” Therefore, build your online image consistently to enable you to be with the right bunch and to stand out.

Stand Out! – Build a Successful Career and Become a Global Leader (ISBN 978-93-80828-42-8) (Vitasta Publishers)–Marketed by Times Group Books. Link http://shopping.indiatimes.com/books/wellness-series/stand-out/40851/p_B918246

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