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Free Sample Chapter ― Professor M.S.Rao’s Award-Winning Book “Students: Concerns and Clarifications on Career, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Success”

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Here is the sample chapter of my award-winning book, “Students: Concerns and Clarifications on Career, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Success” Here is the link to buy this book:  You may share your thoughts about this book on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Also, I appreciate a review on your blogs, websites, Amazon or other online bookseller sites.  

Be Employable and Deployable

“Look for an occupation that you like, and you will not need to labor for a single day in your life.” – Confucius

Welcome to Students: Concerns and Clarifications on Career, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Success. You must be surprised to see another book on students. I am emboldened to author this book on students due to the overwhelming response received from students for my award-winning book, Student Leaders: Growing From Students To CEOs. I am passionate about shaping Indian students and I enjoy spending most of my time with them to understand their challenges and to provide them with solutions. As my vision is to build one million students as global leaders, I consider spending my time with them as an investment. And it is a great opportunity to understand their psychology, perceptions, expectations, and aspirations on career, success, entrepreneurship, leadership and life.

During my training and teaching programs, the students expressed their concerns on several areas. Most students find their concerns unaddressed.  They are looking for authentic answers in the form of a standard guide to read during their leisure and travelling time. In a nutshell, they are exclusively looking for a quick reference guide with questions and answers in a conversational tone.  Hence, I have authored this book to help not only students but also freshers, job seekers, job providers and working executives to understand various aspects of employment interview, professional etiquette, career, success, entrepreneurship, leadership and life. I am excited to see that the book is in your hands now.

Victory versus History

Do you want to achieve victory or create history?  If you want victory, you can easily achieve it through your hard work, smart work, wise work and network. But creating history requires lots of passion, patience and perseverance. You achieve victory if things are in your favor and you accomplish your goals. You create history if things are not in your favor and you move forward with tons of trials and tribulations despite the odds being stacked against you and when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Hence, you need to decide for yourself whether you want to achieve a simple victory or create history to become a living legend.

When a ship is free from a storm, anybody can be at the helm to steer it whereas when the ship is facing a storm there is need for leaders to sail the ship smoothly to the shore. When things are favorable any Tom, Dick and Harry can accomplish goals. However, when things are not favorable the real heroes emerge and make a mark. Whenever there is a crisis the real leaders are born to provide the right direction.

Being a Fresher is an Asset, not a Liability

Freshers have several concerns of which the major one is that they will not receive employment opportunities since they don’t have work experience. Many freshers expressed their concerns during my soft skills and leadership development training programs. The fact is that being a fresher is an asset, not a liability as you are flexible and can be molded very easily. You are at the starting point of your career. You are on a clean slate. You have tons of fire in your belly and you are passionate to listen and learn. Hence, employers treat you as an asset, not a liability.  Additionally, employers hire you for your attitude and train you for skills. They want good candidates with great attitude. They prefer to recruit freshers with a great attitude rather than experienced employees with a rotten attitude. Hence, present and project a positive attitude to connect with your employers during an interview to grab your employment offer.

How to Grab Your Dream Job?

To grab your dream job, find out careers you are passionate about.  Stay clearly focused on the line or the sector or the industry you intend to enter. Adopt unconventional methods to search for employment opportunities by doing intensive research.  Express your enthusiasm to work and demonstrate the value you add to your employer during an interview. Be persistent. Develop networking skills to connect with the people in your area of interest. Be active in social media especially LinkedIn to connect with likeminded professionals.  Be confident, and above all, be an optimist.

Be a Dream Employee for Your Dream Employer

Everyone dreams about marrying a good spouse with lots of great qualities. Similarly, every student dreams of working in a good company. Do you know your dream employer? Is it Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Apple Computers, General Electric, TCS, Infosys or some other employer? Do you know how to grab an employment offer in your dream company?  Just you want to work in a company that offers decent salary, exciting working ambience and quick career growth, every employer dreams of recruiting a dream employee who can add value to their organization to improve their bottom lines. 

Employers want to recruit candidates with a breadth of attributes. They look for candidates who are a judicious blend of curricular and extracurricular activities.  That means they look for candidates with achievements outside the academic arena as well. They expect the candidates to transfer their academic knowledge into the industrial setting to grow as successful professionals. Here are some of the qualities the employers look for in their dream employees:  attitude, initiative, assertiveness, communication, dedication, passion, performance, forward thinking, problem-solving, team building, diversity skills, embracing change, learning from mistakes, surviving office politics, adding value and making a difference.  Above all, employees must have the ability to fit into the organizational culture of dream employers. Therefore, you must develop your mindset hereafter to demonstrate the qualities and skills that your dream employer looks for in dream employees. Remember, you can achieve success only when you can demonstrate and deliver what the other person expects. Unfortunately, people demonstrate the qualities that are not expected by their prospective employers resulting in rejection.  Knowing this fundamental technique is the key to your success to grab your dream job and achieve great success in your life.

Be Employable and Deployable

Peter Hawkins once remarked in The Art of Building Windmills, “To be employed is to be at risk, to be employable is to be secure.” Hence, you must be employable and deployable to grab your dream job. However, most students who pass out from educational institutions are not employable currently. They prepare from the exams’ perspective and pass out with grades and scores through rote learning and cramming the content without understanding the subject.  It results in unemployability among the students. They complain that the government is not providing them with jobs. They must understand that industry looks for plug and play candidates who can be productive on the very first day.  They must appreciate that there are certain skills required that help them grab employment opportunities such as soft skills and employability skills. In fact, companies are looking for deployable students rather than employable students. Deployable students are the students who can work in the corporate world without much training except through induction programs.  Companies don’t appreciate spending money in training the employable students as costs involved are high.  Hence, educational institutions must churn out deployable students to enhance campus placements.

It requires integrated efforts from all stakeholders such as students, educators, recruiters, parents, educational institutions, and non-governmental organizations to enhance employability among students.   Remember that employers look for not only educationally qualified students but also employable and deployable students who can be productive in the workplace on the very first day to enhance their organizational excellence and effectiveness.  To summarize, there has to be coordination from all sources to teach and train students effectively to enable them to become employable and deployable in the corporate world, and to be able to lead the nation successfully.

In the following chapters, you will enjoy reading your concerns with clarifications in a conversational tone on career, entrepreneurship and leadership success. Additionally, they provide you insights and ideas about my passion, vision and mission to build one million students as global leaders. 

"If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write things worth reading or do things worth writing.” - Benjamin Franklin

Students: Concerns, Clarifications and Conversations on Career and Leadership Success (ISBN 978-93-5110-473-5) (Shroff Publishers & Distributors)

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