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“Overcome Your Exam Fears with Proper Planning, Preparation and Execution” – Professor M.S.Rao

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” –Arthur Ashe

It is time to write examinations in India where most students will have apprehensions about their exams.  In fact, it is only a psychological fear, not a real fear. If appropriate steps are taken, it is easy to overcome exam fear and write well with confidence to come out with flying colors.

Students must plan well in advance for their exams.  They must identify their strong and weak areas. They must focus little more on weak areas to score well. They must create their own blueprint to prepare for exams.  They must allocate adequate hours of preparation for each subject.  They must regularly study rather than prepare when the exams are around the corner. Regular preparation is the best method to avoid stress during exams, and it is the key to long-term success. They must manage their time well by giving adequate weightage to each subject.

Parents must not thrust their unaccomplished ambitions on their children. They must give constant support to their children. Some of the successful parents are concerned if their children don’t do well academically. They must understand that some children mature fast while some mature slowly.

When we discuss knowledge and scores, most Indian parents are concerned about scores and grades of their children rather than knowledge. In fact, knowledge is supreme. If students are knowledgeable they will be able to score well in their exams. Hence, parents must stress on knowledge of their children, not their scores. Additionally, parents must not compare their children with others’ children as children are different in their Intelligent Quotient (IQ) levels. Some children may have less IQ but more of Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ).  In fact, a judicious blend of both IQ and EQ is essential to ensure healthy development of children.  Additionally, comparing their children with the academic performance of others upsets the psychological growth of their children.   

In my personal life, I was a below average student since childhood. I acquired knowledge, skills and abilities mostly by trail and error method. I adopted what worked to me and discarded what did not work for me. I was mostly self-taught by going to libraries and through self-study. I don’t have any Guru. In fact, God is my Guru! Adding to my woes, my handwriting was bad. I joined in defence when I was barely 18 years old and acquired qualifications during my service.  I successfully completed my PhD in 2011.  Therefore, it is obvious that those who don’t do well academically in the initial part of life may do better in the later part of their lives.  

Everyone must understand the fact that there is no exam system in the world that can genuinely evaluate the knowledge of the students within the duration of 3 hours. Hence, don’t be over conscious about exams. Give your best and wait for the positive outcome.  

To summarize, students must prepare their blueprint to prepare for their exams. They must eat right, maintain good sleep and focus on what they can write. They must write their exams with confidence without comparing with their peers and without bothering about their results. Above all, parents must constantly support their children to avoid stress, and to enable their children to write their exams with confidence. Jai Hind!

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”–Norman Vincent Peale

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