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“Does Delhi Rule India (AAP) or India Rule Delhi (BJP)? – The Power of a Common Man!”– Professor M.S.Rao

“Democracy is an objective. Democratization is a process. Democratization serves the cause of peace because it offers the possibility of justice and of progressive change without force.” -  Boutros Boutros-Ghali

Recently I posted an article on the stupendous electoral success of Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi elections 2015. The response was overwhelming with many readers appreciating it while one reader commented that ‘India elects Delhi and Delhi doesn’t elect India’. I would like to share my views in this regard.

The message is that Narendra Modi was elected as the Prime Minister by entire Indians whereas Kejriwal was elected as the Chief Minister by Delhi people only. The Delhi elections are an indication that there is a political vacuum not only in New Delhi but also across the country for third alternative. Arvind Kejriwal’s clearly said that he would focus on Delhi only for 5 years, and it is a step in the right direction. Technically speaking, it is always advisable operate where we are strong and then spread wings gradually depending on the political situation. I am sure Kejriwal would spread his wings across India gradually. Nobody can predict whether he would survive or not at the national level. But presently it appears that people are disillusioned with dynastic politics, corruption and religious intolerance. People expect a lot from all stakeholders including politicians. It has also become a challenge for political analysts to predict the mindset of voters as they shift their loyalties in a lightening speed. The politicians should not take voters for granted based on caste, religion and regional factors. People want delivery, not rhetoric. People want secular fabric, not fanatic society. People want corrupt-free society where there is an opportunity for all to accomplish their ambitions. Overall, people want politicians to perform or perish. The Delhi elections are a clear mandate to ensure checks and balances for the political parities, and it is a strong message that voters cannot be taken for granted.

Discussing about AAP’s strategy to become the third alternative, previously many political parties came together as a third alternative due to political convenience.  After completion of the national elections, they collapsed due to their ideological differences and opportunism. Hence, people are not in a position to trust those political parties which is a combination of few parties including Left and regional parties.  People are not in a mood to trust any party or front with credibility to project as a third alternative. In the present context, AAP appears to be the only party to excel as a third front to fill the political vacuum. The AAP’s experiment in Delhi was successful. We have to see whether it will be successful at the national level. Currently Kejriwal is a David who took on mighty Goliath, Modi in Delhi elections. When he enters into national elections, he must be in a position to take on many more such mighty Goliaths. Is he ready to take on? Only time will tell.

The Delhi elections are a fight between humility and arrogance. It is a fight between the common man and the elite people. The election outcome clearly shows the power of the common man. Hence, never underestimate the power of the common man. It is the common man who will decide the fate of political leaders and destiny of India.  To conclude, whether India rules Delhi or Delhi rules India, India as a nation must grow in all spheres with emphasis on fraternity and brotherhood.  Jai Hind!

“Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” - Abraham Lincoln

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