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Are Trials in Your Life Blessings in Disguise? ― Share if You Care

My wife and I visited Tirupati to pray to Lord Balaji in the month of December 2017 to accomplish my ‘Vision 2030 One Million Global Leaders’ URL: With lots of difficulties and waiting in the queue for more than seven hours, we had darshan with God and returned to our room where the temple provided subsidized rooms for the pilgrims. We decided to go Chennai to visit a few more temples in the next day morning and meet our friends. For me, friendship is thicker than blood. We got up early in the morning at 4 AM on 09 December 2017, took bath and vacated the room. When I was boarding the local bus in Tirumala, I slipped and fell down on the road. There were bruises, scratches, bleeding on my left knee and right hand. I felt bad because it happened after I prayed to Lord Balaji. My wife considered it a bad omen and advised me to cancel our visit to Chennai. But I was firm to proceed further and we went to Chennai.

I served in Indian Air Force and acquired the habit of going to gym regularly and walk regularly. I go for walk every day for more than an hour by wearing shoes. Hence, slipping from the local bus was something strange to me. It was very strange that I fell in spite of being very cautious. After I went to Chennai we visited temples and enjoyed the scenic beauty in Marina beach in Chennai. I wanted to meet three old friends. I met friend but I could not meet two more friends. The problems cropped up when I wanted to meet two more friends. When I told my friend, Narendra in Chennai that I fell while catching the bus in Tirupati, he said, “Thank God, it was a small accident happened to you! Probably something bigger accident was averted by Lord Balaji.” I thought that my friend was consoling me to come out this accident. I nodded my head because I see the positive things from negative things. Germany Kent rightly remarked, “Stay positive. Sometimes you don't even realize you're blocking your own blessings by thinking negatively and holding on to the past. Learn to let go.” I feel that everything happens for a reason.

“Faith in God will elevate you to next level blessings.” ― Germany Kent

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