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Be a Farmer, not a Hunter to Provide Meaning to Your Life ― Share if You Care

“The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.”  —  William James

You will find various personality types globally. Some are givers while some are takers. Some adopt the policy of ‘give and take’ with an emphasis on reciprocal response. You will find stiff competition among takers and lesser competition from the people who extend their hands with an eye for reciprocal response. You will find the least competition among givers. So why don’t you join the group of givers to add value and make a difference to the world?

Farmers versus Hunters

“If you make it your goal to always find a way to add more value to people’s lives than anyone else then you’ll never have to worry about success.” — Tony Robbins

Here are some differences between the farmers and the hunters. The farmers are visionaries with a long-term approach while the hunters are missionaries with a short-term approach. The farmers lead a happy life while the hunters crave for a luxurious life. The farmers are people-oriented with a transformational mindset while the hunters are task-oriented with a transactional mindset. The farmers adopt soft leadership while the hunters adopt hard leadership. The farmers live for tomorrow while the hunters live for today. The farmers add value to others to provide meaning to their lives while the hunters look for either reciprocal response from others or adopt the principle of ‘what’s in it for me’ (W.I.F.M.). In a nutshell, the farmers believe in marathon while the hunters believe in sprint. When you look at leaders including Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela they are farmers and givers. That is the reason they are still remembered even today.


“The key to a great life lies in shifting your focus from accumulation to contribution. The old saying "He who gathers the most toys wins" needs to be replaced with "He who serves the most prospers". Remember, happiness is the by-product of a life spent adding value to other people's lives.” —  Robin Sharma

Some people believe in planting seeds while some believe in enjoying the fruits. If you become a planter of seeds you will be remembered beyond your lifetime because you feed people and derive great satisfaction from your life. At the end of your life, you will find meaning for your life. Hence, become a farmer, not hunter; and be a giver, not a receiver to make a difference.

“If you're not doing something with your life, then it doesn’t matter how long you live. If you're doing something with your life, then it doesn't matter how short your life may be. A life is not measured by years lived, but by its usefulness. If you are giving, loving, serving, helping, encouraging, and adding value to others, then you're living a life that counts!” — John C. Maxwell

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