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Free Book Chapter ― Professor M.S.Rao’s Upcoming Book “Secrets to Achieve Your Entrepreneurial and Leadership Success”

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I am excited to share with you that I authored a book on entrepreneurial leadership tentatively titled, “Secrets to Achieve Your Entrepreneurial and Leadership Success.” Here is the free book chapter. I would appreciate if you could share your thoughts about this book on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

The Power of Ideas to Achieve Entrepreneurial Success!

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." ― Walt Disney

Eminent people including Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan Milton, Walt Disney, and Stephen King tasted failures initially. But they learned lessons from their failures and moved forward with energy and enthusiasm. For them, failure is only a comma, not a full stop.  Unsuccessful entrepreneurs complain lack of resources and opportunities to accomplish their ambitions. They complain their circumstances and the people around them for their challenges and failures. On the other hand, successful entrepreneurs explore ideas to overcome their challenges and achieve entrepreneurial success. They are rare breeds who don’t invent excuses to overcome their challenges. 

Ideas versus Resources

Ideas are more important than the resources. When you have ideas, you explore opportunities and develop the mindset to raise resources. When humans undergo challenges their real strength surfaces and they unlock their hidden potential. Challenges lead to creativity paving the way for innovative solutions. The most inventions occurred during the global crises and challenges. During The Great Depression, several global companies were founded. During the Second World War, atom bomb was invented. Therefore, true leaders run behind ideas, explore opportunities and raise resources instead of running helter and shelter during crises. 

It is a well admitted fact that when people are in problems they come out of their comfort zone and expand their minds. When you look at Israel and Singapore they did not have human resources but they became prosperous and grew globally due to their ideas and audacious vision.

Technology is an Advantage for Entrepreneurs

To excel as a successful entrepreneur, it is advisable to have prior experience. However, entrepreneurs including Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Ray Kroc, Colonel Sanders and Richard Branson are successful without any prior experience. What is essential is entrepreneurial acumen and intuition to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Technology has become a boon for entrepreneurs. With amazing ideas and without any capital, entrepreneurs are starting their businesses globally. There are several companies that grew with less capital and human resources. For instance, Whatsapp has a few employees; Google doesn’t own content; and Uber runs business through ideas, not by owning cars. It is obvious from these inspiring examples that ideas are more important than anything else in the world. When entrepreneurs have ideas and audacious vision, they can accomplish their goals and objectives effectively.

Ideas Serve as Seeds to Success

"If I have a thousand ideas and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied." ― Alfred Noble

Ideas lead to success as they serve as seeds to development and growth. It is essential to capture the ideas whenever they pop up in your mind. It is advisable to record them in your journal to reflect during your leisure time. It is from these ideas the civilization has advanced. And civilization will go to the next higher level. I get lots of ideas to author books. Whenever ideas pop up in my mind I scribble them immediately in my journal that I always carry with me. I develop them during my leisure time. It is from these ideas I authored 36 leadership books including the bestselling ‘21 Success Sutras for CEOs’

Opportunities are Infinite while Your Life is Finite

“I think life on Earth must be about more than just solving problems... It's got to be something inspiring, even if it is vicarious.” ― Elon Musk

Currently there are immense opportunities for the individuals with ideas and ambitions. Only thing they must do is to take risks to explore and apply their ideas to accomplish their ambitions. They must remember that life is very short. They must also note that they are blessed with one life only to explore and avail the opportunities to make it big.  Remember, opportunities are infinite while your life is finite. Hence, make your decision wisely by following your passions to provide meaning to your life.


"Everything begins with an idea." ― Earl Nightingale

If we did not explore ideas we would have remained in ancient times. Thanks to ideas that the civilization has progressed to the current level. And thanks to ideas that we are able to add value to future generations.

When you think, you get ideas; when you ink, you capture your ideas; and when you apply your ideas, you achieve success. Hence, start thinking, inking and applying your ideas to achieve an amazing success in your life.

Note: Here is the link to purchase my bestselling book '21 Success Sutras for CEOs'  

Life is great!

Professor M.S.Rao
Founder of MSR Leadership Consultants India

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