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Happy New Year 2017! ― Acquire new Habits to Achieve Excellence

Dear friends,

Happy New Year 2017!

The year 2016 passed peacefully. It is time to celebrate New Year with optimism and excitement. Take feedback for the year 2016 and carry forward the goals that have not been accomplished. Analyze the reasons for not accomplishing them to do better in 2017. Most people fail more due to distractions rather than due to their personal mistakes. If you feel that you failed due to the distractions from external environment, you don’t have to regret. Develop a right attitude to understand the realities to move on.

Set your goals. Goals remove negative thoughts from your mind and replace with positive thoughts. Hence, set your goals. Acquire attitude for excellence.
Understand the power of reflection. Reflection helps you understand what worked and what didn’t work. It helps you focus more on your passionate areas.
Carry a notepad with you. Develop a habit of taking notes and carrying a notebook wherever you go. It helps you capture the ideas that pop up your mind and helps you reflect a lot. Remember, a short pencil is always better than a long memory. We tend to forget many things in this complex world. When you observe successful people including Richard Branson, they carry a notebook with them.
Learn when to hold and when to fold. It is tough to make decisions in the current technological world. We cannot predict what happens next due to volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. You must let go off your unpleasant events and experiences from your life to recharge yourself with more energy and enthusiasm.
Avoid negative people around you. Always associate with people who emphasize ideas rather than individuals and issues. Create a healthy and positive environment around you.
Use social media judiciously. Social media is both a boon and bane. It all depends on how you utilize it. You must understand its usage to reap benefits. It is good to adapt to digital technology. At the same, it is essential to maintain physical relations with others. Remember, physical network is more meaningful and fruitful than the virtual network.
Fail differently. Nobody wants to fail and everybody wants to succeed in the world. But you cannot avoid failure. Failure is an integral part of life, and it teaches you to be humble, and be empathetic toward others.
Cultivate the habit of gratitude. Never forget the people who helped you during your life journey. Don’t expect anything from others. Do good to others. What goes around comes around. Express your gratitude to the people who laid the ladder for your success. 
Provide meaning to your life. Remember, life is very short. Hence, make it sweet. Don’t run behind success. Keep doing your work sincerely and the success will chase you. Enjoy the journey, not the destination.

To conclude, acquire new skills and habits and focus on a few areas intensively rather than on many areas. Take one specific area and work on it sincerely for 10 years to become an expert and an international authority on it.

Good luck!

Life is great!

Professor M.S.Rao, India
Founder of MSR Leadership Consultants India
Recipient of 10th International Prestigious Sardar Patel Award―2015

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