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Keynoted Leadership Conference for Raisoni Group on ‘21 Success Sutras for CEOs’―Professor M.S.Rao

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I am excited to share with you that the prestigious Raisoni Group, Nagpur, India invited me to keynote their 4th National HR Leadership Conclave 2016 on February 19, 2016.  I shared my leadership ideas and insights with their practitioners on my upcoming book “21 Success Sutras for CEOs: How Global CEOs Overcome Leadership Challenges in Turbulent Times to Build Good to Great Organizations.” This book received endorsements from eminent international thinkers including Marshall Goldsmith, Frances Hesselbein, Dave Ulrich and Jim Kouzes. Mark C. Thompson wrote foreword for this book. It is expected to be published in May 2016 by Motivational Press, USA. Here are the 21 Sutras for CEOs.
  1. Communicate Clearly.
  2. Build Trust.
  3. Carry all Stakeholders with You.
  4. Emphasize Organizational Culture.
  5. Keep People Before Profit.
  6. Be Adaptable.
  7. Take Feedback.
  8. Encourage Innovation.
  9. See the Big Picture.
  10. Overcome VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity).
  11. Avoid Information Overload.
  12. Make Decisions with Limited and Imperfect Information. 
  13. Conquer Stress.
  14. Learn When to Hold and When to Fold.
  15. Be Bold to Lead in Turbulent Times.
  16. Adapt Locally to Grow Globally.
  17. Appreciate Diversity.
  18. Practice Continuous Dissatisfaction.
  19. Encounter Economic Decline.
  20. Avoid Clinging to Status Quo.
  21. Invest in the Future.

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Professor M.S.Rao, India
Founder of MSR Leadership Consultants India
Recipient of 10th International Prestigious Sardar Patel Award―2015
21 Success Sutras for Leaders: Top 10 Leadership Books of the Year (San Diego University) Amazon URL:

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  1. Amazing photos!
    You always take a great interest to build students as global leaders and to convert ordinary leaders into extraordinary leaders.
    Looking forward to reading your book – 21 success sutras for CEOs. I am confident that this book will be New York Times best-selling book in 2016.
    Good luck to you Sir!
    It is a great honor to be your die-hard follower.

  2. Congrats! A great resource to inspire students and upcoming leaders. A great vision to build one million students as global leaders.