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“Who are the ‘College Criminals’ in Hyderabad? – Students or Faculty or Owners?” ―Professor M.S.Rao

“Society does not go down because of the activities of criminals but because of the inactivities of the good people.” ― Swami Vivekananda

Does the caption sound interesting? You might think how criminals will be there in colleges. Don’t think that the criminals are there in the underworld only. They are available everywhere in the society including companies and colleges but in disguise. In corporate world, they are known are ‘corporate criminals’. In educational institutions, they are known as ‘college criminals’. Let us find them out.

Are Students ‘College Criminals’?

Students join colleges to acquire education. They want to be equipped with degrees and qualifications. They are busy in classrooms or libraries. They attend classroom to acquire subject knowledge. They go to library to read reference books and newspapers. They go to cafeteria or canteen in the college to have snacks or food.  They go to other areas in the campus to gossip with their friends. At times, they enjoy talking about their girlfriends or boyfriends. Hence, they cannot come under the category of ‘college criminals’. They are the future citizens of India. The strength of our nation depends on their characters and the quality of education they acquire in the college campuses.

Are Teachers College Criminals?

Educators go to college to share their knowledge with students, and to earn livelihood for themselves and their family members. They follow the syllabus outlined by the university religiously. Accordingly, they prepare teaching notes for students depending on number of sessions they have to conduct in the semester or the academic year. They do research to upgrade their knowledge, skills and abilities. They are excited to share their knowledge with students. They are happy when students greet them in the college campus. They enjoy counseling and mentoring students.  When students grow big in their lives the educators are very happy because they know that they cannot attain great heights since they are only preachers. In fact, educators lay the ladder of success to their students but they rarely climb the ladder of success. They treat the achievements of their students as theirs. Hence, educators are not college criminals because they are intellectuals

Are Owners ‘College Criminals’?

Entrepreneurs establish educational institutions to earn money for themselves, to provide employment to educators, and to provide quality education to students. In fact, they are risk takers and take lots of pains to found and establish educational institutions. These are the hallmarks of ideal owners of private colleges in Hyderabad. Unfortunately a few rogues entered into educational institutions as owners to make quick money. They lack ethics and etiquette. They cut corners. They trouble students by charging fee by various means. They harass educators by not paying salaries on time. In fact, they trouble the leaving faculty more by not paying salaries at all for a month to six months. They blackmail the working educators to continue their services by stopping their salaries. The plight of professors and principals is worse in the private colleges in Hyderabad because they cannot be relieved by these rogue owners. The reality is that nobody is ready to join as professors and principals in these colleges. Hence, they promote their existing educators in senior passions despite not having adequate qualifications as stipulated by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and affiliated university guidelines. They browbeat the honest educators and intellectuals especially by stopping their salaries. It is unfortunate to write that some of the owners are womanizers and come to campus under intoxication. They preach morals in public places but practice immoral activities in their personal and private lives.


Although some of the college owners have noble intentions and ideas to add value to education and to make a difference to the society but due to the prevalent of a few rogues the college ambience has become highly toxic. Probably you must have come to the conclusion now that some of the owners of private colleges in Hyderabad are ‘college criminals’. To summarize, the onus lies with the right thinking people, intellectuals and regulating bodies including AICTE, nonprofits to clear criminals from colleges to ensure sanctity to education; to create intellectual ambience to educators; and impart quality education to students to build a strong nation. Jai Hind!

“Scientists search for truth. Philosophers search for morality. A criminal trial searches for only one result: proof beyond a reasonable doubt.” ― Alan Dershowitz

Note: I enjoy blogging on education, corruption and irregularities in private colleges in Telangana and India to convert Indian educational institutions into the true temples of learning.


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  1. A very analytical and thought provoking post.
    Reveal the college criminals to clean the colleges from corruption.

  2. a very analytical and thought provoking post.
    reveal the names of the culprits who ruin colleges to clean the education institutions.
    I would like to read more such stories. I am sharing with my connections.

  3. Bold article with thought provoking ideas. Some rogues have converted education into prostitution. It is time to clean the education system in India to keep it free from criminals.

  4. It is time to clear colleges from culprits and criminals to build a healthy education system in India.