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Leverage India’s Demographic Dividend to Grow India as an Economic Super Power in the World

"There comes a special moment in everyone's life, a moment for which that person was born. That special opportunity, when he seizes it, will fulfill his mission—a mission for which he is uniquely qualified. In that moment he finds greatness. It is his finest hour."  - Winston Churchill

With the US President, Barack Obama’s visit to India to grace as a guest for Republic Day celebrations 2015, the world is watching keenly and closely about the India’s growing power globally.  India and Indians were ignored until recently. But with Barack Obama’s visit as the guest for Republic Day, the spotlight turned on India. He is the first US President to visit India twice and is the first US President to be guest for India’s Republic Day celebrations.

Presently India has several strategic strengths and advantages. It is time for us to recognize our strengths and leverage them to grow India as an economic super power in future. Here are some of the India’s strengths:

India is the largest democracy in the world with the youngest population. We have the largest speaking English speaking population in the world. We produce goods and services at low-cost without compromising quality. We sent low-cost Mangalyaan to Mars successfully. Our Indians are excelling globally in all spheres including Information Technology by offering low-cost services. In fact, they are the brain behind the success of many global companies. We have a maximum number of management thinkers globally doing their best for global good.  Most of the prestigious business schools in the world have Indian faculty members and three intellectuals are leading as Deans for three top business schools. Our Indians are spread across the world bringing laurels to our country.

Research shows that by 2022, the average Indian’s age would be 29, compared to 37 for China and the US, and 45 for Western Europe.  And India will have young population in the first half of the 21st century.  We must enhance employability skills among the Indian youth to enable them to grab employment opportunities. Otherwise, this demographic dividend will become an uncontrollable demographic disaster.

India must produce skilled manpower to meet the future requirements. Present Indian education system is not up to the expectations of the students as it is theory-oriented. It doesn’t emphasize on practical education. Hence, there is an urgent need to focus on developing skills among the Indian students and youth. Globally the Baby Boomers are retiring and there is a looming leadership vacuum. Hence, the young talent must be inculcated with leadership skills and abilities to groom them as leaders to accept roles and responsibilities. They must be kept in the leadership pipeline ready to encounter global challenges. These young leaders not only help India grow globally but also help other nations grow to build a better global society. Indians are adaptable and can go to any part of the world to work to build vibrant economies. They will make a huge difference to the global society.

Since we have the advantage of demographic dividend and we must know how to leverage it. If we ignore it, we lose this great opportunity as this demographic dividend will become a demographic disaster due to more number of old people living in India after 30 years.  Hence, Indian citizens and youth must leverage this advantage by working very hard to take India to great heights. Additionally, we are blessed with natural resources and we must know how to exploit them. We have plenty of other opportunities presently.  We must know how to grab them to make India as a strong country. We must cultivate a positive attitude and enhance our commitment levels to contribute our best to make India as an economic super power in the world. Remember, 21st century belongs to Asia and especially for India. India is a nation of aspirations. India is a nation of hopes. India is a nation of dreams. Hence, let us strive hard to accomplish our dreams build a strong nation.  Jai Hind!

"The price of greatness is responsibility." - Winston Churchill

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  1. You have rightly highlighted corruption in India. You rightly highlighted skills development among Indian youth. I appreciate your passion to build global leaders by 2030. You have rightly highlighted about Baby Boomers and the need for Gen Y to acquire leadership skills and abilities. Thanks for letting us know that you are the bridge between Baby Boomers and Gen Y. We Indians are proud of your passion and contribution. India needs leaders like you. Jai Hind!


  2. Dear Sir, Your speech is highly inspiring. You recalled Swami Vivekananda. Indian youth must be productive to avail the prevailing opportunities. Thanks for inculcating new kind of patriotism among the Indian youth. Thanks for highlighting India and its strengths in a positive perspective. Thanks for inspiring us to dream of a better India. Thanks for investing your precious time to share your ideas on India and India's potential. We Indians have been fully energized with your speech. You are truly an international leadership guru! Jai Hind!